Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Use of Video Paper Builder in developing problem solving skills in students for Mathematics by Innova Junior College

The gist:
IJC Maths Department creates an on-line platform for students to view specific mathematics lectures posed on-line by their teachers.

The methodology:
Teachers identify suitable topics that students have problems grasping and create videos.
They include sample questions and solutions for students to analyse and review.

The review:
1. This could be a good learning platforms in the following settings:
- lesson differentiation particularly for students who may need more time to internalise the concepts covered
- students who wanted to view lectures missed
- remediation programme - may be a one-to-one setting with lecturer or classmate as both parties reviewed the lecture again.
[Its a different form of creating a repository of lessons - good however not interactive; students need to post their questions which teachers will respond but not on real time]

2. According to the preliminary survey conducted by IJC, the students found this platform useful and effective for independent study and topic review. IJC did a qualitative analysis of Maths results between 2 tests with the later after the introduction of Video Paper Builder and found a marked improvement in their results.
[However, no substantial evident is provided that the Video Paper Builder is a primary cause of this marked improvement]

3. Teachers effectively use this platform to analyse mistakes created by students.
[This is a novel idea and could be further leverage as an on-line discussion for students to collaboratively discuss and assess common mistakes in Maths papers]

In conclusion, a credible effort by IJC but we already have maths portals such as Hey maths that could be effectively used to assist teachers with the technical aspects. Personally, teachers could help with the design of the curriculum or to facilitate learning.

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